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The only financial calendar
specifically designed for forward FX
and derivatives markets.

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around the world.

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Goodbusiness Day Finder® indicates day-counts, value dates and holidays affecting currencies and financial centers in a year-forward presentation. Goodbusiness Day Finder® is relied upon by financial professionals around the world.

  • Indicates good business days at a glance
  • Adheres to the ‘modified following’ protocol and accepted standards of international foreign exchange markets
  • Indicates holidays affecting major currencies and financial centers
  • Includes 30-year Swaps/mid-term table and reference calendars
  • Provides instant value dates, day counts and more

See Interior Sample Spread of Goodbusiness Day Finder®

Previous month

Day count from January 1st

Day count to December 31st

8 additional currencies
(current month only)

Forward bank holidays indicators
for 10 major currencies

Forward day-counts
(gray numbers)

Number of months forward

Month-forward value dates
(green blocks)

30-year mid-term table
indicates the day of the
week and pertinent
bank holidays

Count-back table
indicates the number
of days prior to any
date in the last
12 months

Bank holiday lists for
additional currencies
and financial centers

Additional Features:

World Directory of Bank Holidays®

An at-your-fingertips international directory of bank holidays affecting the world's financial markets — indexed for easy use.

31-Year Swaps & Options Calendar®

Features long-term day counts & indicates holidays affecting major currencies and trading centers. Calendar includes 9 years back and
31-years forward.

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Digital Flip Book Edition

Goodbusiness Day Finder® also includes a FREE digital flip book edition for use with your PC, laptop or tablet. (Touch-screen compatible)

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