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Create customized Day Finders, holidays lists and working day-counts ideally suited to your personal business needs. Includes the latest, market-standard, holiday data from Copp Clark for all currencies and financial centers.

Trader's Day Finder®

Our industry-standard trading application is better than ever and is now available online! Specifically designed for traders and their support staff, Trader's Day Finder® allows users to create custom day finders, specifically suited to their personal needs, using the latest holiday information. Traders Day Finder® can be adjusted for non-standard weekends and T+ protocols.

Multiple Views

Select different views for alternative ways to view generated data.

Calendar Grid View

Current month plus 12 month grid with day-counts and holidays

Long List

Detailed day-by-day lists with forward value dates, day-counts and holidays.

Short List

Concise monthly lists include forward value dates, day-counts and holidays only.

Easy to Use Tools

  • Choose any start date for the current year
  • Generate calendars up to 3 years forward and 1 year back
  • Calculate forward value dates for any currency pair from spot
  • Choose up to 4 currencies per calendar
  • Automatically adheres to ‘modified following’ protocol and accepted standards of international financial markets
  • Add/remove USD when calculating spot
  • Define preferences for spot for each currency (T+1, T+2)
  • Weekends automatically defined for each currency (Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun)
  • Include/exclude holidays when calculating forward value dates
  • See all holidays affecting selected currencies
  • Forward/backward day-counts from spot
  • Day-counts from year start (Jan. 1st)
  • Day-counts to year end (Dec. 31st)
  • Save customized calendar grids and lists to ‘My Favorites’
  • Help features provide additional information
Trader's Day Finder - Calendar Grid View Trader's Day Finder - Long List View Trader's Day Finder - Short List View Trader's Day Finder - Control Panel
Holiday Lists by Date

Holiday Lists By Date

Generate detailed lists of holidays affecting financial centers for any date. Select any day up to 3 years forward and 1 year back.

Holiday Categories:
  • Currency FX market holidays
  • Currency payment system holidays
  • Bank holidays

Data is sorted by country and includes information on holiday events and ‘half-day holidays’. Results can be filtered by category.

Holiday Lists By Category

Generate detailed lists of ALL holidays affecting ANY individual center. Includes data for 3 years forward and 1 year back.

Center Categories:
  • Currency FX markets
  • Currency payment systems
  • Bank holidays by country
  • Bank holidays by city

Add preferred centers to ‘My Favorites’ for quick reference.

Choose any center related to the active selection under ‘Related Centers’.

Holiday data is sorted annually and includes information on ‘target’ and
‘half-day holidays’. Results can be filtered by year.

Holiday Lists By Category

Workday Counter

Generate a detailed list of working day-counts for any center.

Center Categories:
  • Currency FX markets
  • Currency payment systems
  • Bank holidays by country
  • Bank holidays by city

Select your start date and the number of days or months forward that you would like to include in your workday count.

Add or exclude holidays or weekends in the working day count.

Save preferred settings to "My Favorites" for quick selections.

Instant access to "Related Centers".

Workday Counter

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