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You can access up to 3 years of flip book editions (the current year plus the previous 2 years).
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How are forward value dates calculated?

Forward value dates are calculated from spot. They occur each month forward on the same day as spot, assuming those dates are good business days. If the month forward value date lands on a weekend or holiday affecting one of the currency pairs, then ‘modified following protocol’ is used to calculate the GoodBusinessDay®.

What is ‘modified following protocol’?

If the date of a transaction occurs on a holiday, then the modified following date will be the next banking day — unless that banking day extends into a new month, in which case the banking day that precedes the payment date is used.


What is a half-day holiday?

A ‘half-day’ (or more precisely a ‘partial day’) indicates that regular schedules for this day are revised or altered from the normal routines (e.g., a late open or early close).

What does OBS mean when it follows a holiday?

OBS is automatically added to an event name in cases where a fixed-date holiday is observed on a date other than its usual fixed date (for example, if Christmas (25-Dec) falls on the weekend, and it is observed on the following Monday).

Please note, OBS is used only when the movement rule is known. In such cases, the rule is already built into the formula for a particular holiday. It sometimes occurs that an additional holiday may be declared in observance of an existing holiday which does not have a fixed move rule, but such exceptions will not show up as “OBS.” They will simply show up as separate events.

What does an asterisk next to a holiday/event name signify?

A holiday that has an asterisk next to it indicates that the date shown may vary by +/- 1 day. These are dates that are derived by converting from a non-Gregorian calendar (e.g., Muslim or Hindu) to our Gregorian calendar. These dates cannot be determined in advance with absolute accuracy, even by the governing authorities. In the case of Muslim dates in particular, the feast days are determined by the sighting of a new moon. We continuously monitor these dates and update our database accordingly.

Are there move rules relating to holidays?

The rules governing holiday observances vary depending on the country. Our database is programmed to calculate future holiday dates wherever a constant rule can be established. If a holiday has been moved from the weekend to an alternate date, the holiday name will be appended with ‘OBS’ to indicate that this date is the observed date.

Some countries have very straightforward, predictable laws to determine their holiday schedules, while others declare holidays on a year-by-year (sometimes month-by-month) basis. We use very reliable calendar conversion programs and analysis of historical data to predict holidays that have not yet been ‘officially’ declared by central banks and/or governments. Our research team continuously monitors and confirms holiday data on an ongoing basis, paying extra attention to those countries where the holidays are highly variable (for example, Muslim countries).

Do you offer holiday data for importing into internal systems?

Copp Clark's Holiday Data Service® for financial applications is ideal for anyone requiring market holiday data in their internal systems or financial applications. Our holiday reference data is trusted and recognized globally as the market standard.

Holiday data is available in standardized txt, xls, csv, or xml file formats as well as compatible formats for leading application vendors. Where possible, we will also customize to fit specific format and security requirements. Trading hours and early closing data is available in csv or xls formats.

Our data categories and services include:

  • Currency non-clearing days
  • FX market holidays
  • Bank holidays
  • Exchange trading holidays
  • Exchange settlement holidays
  • Trading hours & early closings
  • Weekend definitions
  • Working weekends
  • Partial holidays
  • T+ rules report
  • Time zones
  • Daylight saving time
  • Historical data

Why should I subscribe to Holiday Data Service®?

Holidays and trading hours for many exchanges are in constant flux and require continuous monitoring. Holidays are revised regularly, often on very short notice.

In-house initiatives to research, cleanse and maintain this data represent a significant business expense and come with inherent risks, particularly when conducted without sufficient expertise.

Copp Clark has been publishing holiday calendars for financial markets since 1981. Our holiday data is extremely accurate, researched from source and reverified for correctness throughout the year by our professional research team. All of our researchers are academically trained and have backgrounds not only in the financial sector but also in planning, research and academic publishing. They have been trained to understand how holidays may affect financial markets and how to interpret that information. They correspond with hundreds of regulatory agencies and officials in jurisdictions around the world to generate accurate and reliable data on holiday observances and bank closings. Simply put, we can do it better, cheaper and more reliably than in-house initiatives.

Do you offer alerts when holidays change?

Alerts are available to all Holiday Data Service® subscribers and are sent automatically if a holiday revision is imminent or urgent. For example, an alert may generated due to:

  • political crisis or emergency
  • natural disaster
  • workers’ strike
  • short-notice change to Islamic or other lunar-based observance

In circumstances like these, we send alerts to subscribers so that they may take immediate action if they have transactions with the affected market.

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About Copp Clark

Who is Copp Clark?

Copp Clark is the authoritative source for information on holiday observances affecting world financial markets. Our trading calendars, holiday reference data, trading hours and early closing are trusted and recognized globally as the market standard. We ensure transactional integrity in trading and back office venues everywhere.
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Who are our clients?

Our clients include some of the largest corporations around the world as well as smaller organizations. Our clients include major financial institutions, banks, traders, middle and back office, FX Markets, Risk Management, Treasury Systems, Fund Managers, Financial advisers, etc.

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